Catching up with Katy – 1 year on!

Katy came to Better Jobs, Better Futures at an incredibly low point in her life after being made redundant from a tech start-up company.

Katy was informed about Better Jobs, Better Futures through the Chwarae Teg charity when she was working towards her ILM qualification. Having been unemployed for three months, struggling with confidence and unsure of where to turn, Katy made an appointment to see a Career Coach.

Katy began looking for HR opportunities as she believed this was the best route that suited her skills.

“I had opportunities come my way which didn’t go to plan, and these knockbacks affected my confidence. I panicked quite quickly, but coming to Better Jobs, Better Futures allowed me to think about my next steps and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” – Katy

Working with the Better Jobs, Better Futures team, Katy honed her interview techniques and worked on producing a high quality CV that would attract potential employers. The team also helped Katy rebuild her confidence, focusing on her strengths in terms of her skills and achievements, encouraging Katy to understand what she really enjoyed doing, what she could work towards and what she could achieve in her career and life.

“Talking objectively to someone about my strengths and weaknesses really helped me. BJBF had the connections and links with companies that entrusted them with finding the best candidates. There was no hidden agenda and they helped me get my name in all the right places for all the right reasons.” – Katy

Having never considered other potential employment options, the Better Jobs, Better Futures team presented Katy with a fantastic financial services opportunity at DWJ Wealth Management Ltd. Katy spoke with Managing Director, Danni Watts-Jones, to find out more about the opportunity.

“Danni was really friendly and I knew she would be a great mentor. This wasn’t going to be just a job, this was a career.” – Katy

Katy kept up regular appointments with the Better Jobs, Better Futures team to keep improving her skills, building her confidence, and preparing herself for the world of work. It was vital for the team to keep Katy positive and motivated despite her initial setbacks.

“I would come and make an appointment on the fly and you were ALWAYS available for me. If I dropped in or just had a quick question via email, you would always do an amazing job in helping me.” – Katy

Katy interviewed for the DWJ position, performed exceptionally well, and was quickly offered the opportunity. With newfound self-belief and a renewed positive outlook on life, Katy was equipped and ready to take on this exciting new challenge.

Having now been in the role for a year, Katy has come incredibly far in her personal and professional development. Having initially carried out general administration duties in a personal assistant capacity, Katy has now progressed to completing mortgage applications, dealing closely with clients and ensuring reviews are completed efficiently as part of the business’s client servicing strategy. Katy plays a huge role in the company and her success is testament to her determined attitude and commitment to self-development.

“I know Danni would like me to progress to do Para Planning; I need to do my exams and I get hands on experience from Terry, the Senior Para Planner. I have observed ISA applications and pension transfers, and I spend a lot of time dealing with providers so I get a lot of exposure which will help me in the future.” – Katy

With an ever evolving role and persistent different challenges, Katy is thriving with an incredibly supportive team behind her, both at DWJ and Better Jobs, Better Futures.

“I couldn’t ask for a better support system. Better Jobs, Better Futures care so much! Other companies are more concerned with targets rather than the individual. BJBF really care about the people, whether they are happy, and if they are in the right company for them.” – Katy

DWJ are now looking to recruit again for an Apprentice to take over Katy’s administration duties, allowing her the capacity to undertake further training and focus on her progression. Based on her own positive experience, Katy suggested that the business use Better Jobs, Better Futures to help them find their next brilliant employee.

I suggested that the team got in touch with Better Jobs, Better Futures. They did such a good job bringing me into this business and I just knew they could help us find someone who would be a great fit and understand the culture here at DWJ.” – Katy

Katy has undergone an inspirational transformation over the last 12 months and she is undoubtedly a role model to other young people struggling to find the right career path at the right time in their lives.

“My perception of the future is that I am now working towards something and have a greater purpose. One day I would like to become a Financial Adviser and it’s something I have never really considered before. It’s too easy to get comfortable and not push yourself. I am now living independently because of my job and the financial security it affords me.” – Katy

Everyone at Better Jobs, Better Futures is incredibly proud of Katy and the success she has achieved in the thriving and supportive environment at DWJ. Having inspired Katy to push beyond her boundaries, she is now in an excellent position to continue building her career and achieve the success she wants, needs and hugely deserves.

“Coming to BJBF was an excellent moment for me. They were patient and kind and kept me positive at a point where I felt I had no-one to turn to. I now look forward to waking up and going to work every day, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.” – Katy