What are situational judgement tests and how should you tackle them?

Situational Judgement tests are used by some employers as part of their recruitment process and are similar to personality/psychometric tests. They assess candidate skills and competencies based on multiple choice responses to scenarios, and require you to either:

  • Rate responses from most effective to least effective;
  • Choose the most, and least, appropriate action; or
  • Simply choose the correct course of action.

As you won’t know the scenarios beforehand you may think they are impossible to prepare for, but here are a few simple steps that could help give you the edge.

Know the company

Research their website as if preparing for an interview. Their mission statement and values will give an insight in to what actions they would expect their staff to take in these scenarios.

Know the role

Look at the job description and person specification. Consider the skillset required and the type of individual the company are likely to be looking for.

Practice, practice, practice

Taking time to practice situational judgement tests will, at the very least, give you an insight into how questions are worded or laid out and the types of answers expected.

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