3 ways Better Jobs, Better Futures can help businesses across Swansea

Better Jobs, Better Futures is a brand new programme from Gower College Swansea aimed at supporting businesses to recruit, retain and progress their staff. We work with businesses who employ people from Swansea and the surrounding areas to deliver a wide range of support aimed at enhancing employee engagement and improving workplace planning, progression and productivity. Through expert career coaching and access to the college’s wider portfolio of skills support, we work with individuals who are seeking new or better work to match them into opportunities with local employers and equip them to be effective employees.

Here are three ways Better Jobs, Better Futures can help your business:

  1. We work with you to understand your specific workforce needs and provide a bespoke package of support

We know how difficult it is to find the right workforce development support for your business so, instead of expecting you to navigate a multitude of separate programmes, we will develop a complete package of support which is tailored to your workforce.  You’ll benefit from the support of a dedicated Workforce Adviser who will manage the relationship with your company to ensure we fully understand your business and are able to respond with flexible support which truly meets your needs.


  1. We won’t just support you to develop your existing staff, we’ll also help you to expand and strengthen your workforce

Through the provision of a complete recruitment service, and drawing on a broad talent pipeline, we will work with you to recruit the right employees for your current and future workforce. Our dedicated and experienced recruitment team will work with you to acquire the best talent for your business, assisting you with tailored support throughout the recruitment and selection process.


  1. We provide an end-to-end talent management and workforce development service

We recognise that the workforce you need now won’t necessarily be the workforce you need in the future. We also want to support you to recruit employees who have room to grow and develop whilst also plugging your immediate workforce gaps. So we won’t just support you to recruit new staff or to upskill existing staff, we will provide a complete package of integrated support from initial recruitment through to in-work staff development, including recruitment support, workforce development and upskilling support.
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