Creating a Winning Cover Letter

Cover letters are a chance for you to sell yourself to an employer, but what should you include to have the greatest impact? Read more


Interview basics

You’ve done it; you’ve secured yourself an interview! Now it’s time to make sure you do everything possible to get yourself the job. Read more

Employment Hub Diaries – #1

View our latest Employment Hub diary for an Employability Department update.


Get ahead of the game – do your research!

Showing you’ve done your research on a company is a must for any interview, but simply knowing when the company was established isn’t going to cut it in the current competitive job market. We’ve put together 3 top tips to ensure your research helps you stand above the rest.  Read more

Get Ahead of the Game: how to write the perfect supporting statement

Ever found yourself breezing through a job application only to hit the brakes when you reach the dreaded ‘supporting statement’ section? Yes, we’ve all been there! Thankfully, the experts here at Better Jobs, Better Futures have a few easy pointers which could help you to ace that personal statement and really sell yourself as the best person for the role. Read more

Get ahead of the game: how to make it onto that all-important interview shortlist

Moving between roles, out of work for some time, or overqualified for the role you’re applying for? By making small changes to the way you apply for roles you could avoid making some common mistakes and instead get your application to the top of the ‘yes’ pile. Read more


What are situational judgement tests and how should you tackle them?

Situational Judgement tests are used by some employers as part of their recruitment process and are similar to personality/psychometric tests. Read more

Job Search

Smarter Job Search

We’ve all been there, trawling numerous job search engines that claim they are your ‘answer to getting hired’. You’ve found the perfect job, have uploaded your latest and greatest tailored CV and clicked that ‘apply now’ button, only to get no response.

What if we told you there was a smarter way to job search? Read more

Futures Academy Blog – 2019

Exciting news! We are ready to kick off our third Futures Academy!

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£6.6m EU funding to support Gower College Swansea employability programme

A major £6.6m EU investment is set to expand and extend a Swansea employability programme through to 2021. Read more