Gender Equality in Business

With recent high-profile cases highlighting the issue of gender equality in the workplace more than ever before, does Wales fare better or worse than the wider UK, and what support is out there for businesses seeking to make a real difference within their workforce? Read more

SMEs: You Have The Power

“Small firms are the lifeblood of the Welsh economy, representing 99% of all registered businesses.” [1]

The importance of SMEs to the economic development and prosperity of Wales cannot be overstated. Governments are acutely aware of the importance of a thriving private sector, and the recent publication of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy and the Welsh Government’s Economic Action Plan signal a welcome emphasis on addressing the critical economic challenges facing small and larger businesses.  Read more

The big workforce challenge

What the economy is telling us (and what record employment levels may be hiding)

At face value, recent news highlighting record levels of employment would appear to suggest a very healthy picture for businesses across Wales, but look beneath the surface and it seems the welcome continued decrease in unemployment levels may be masking the real workforce challenge. The issue now appears to be more about underemployment, and the underutilisation of the existing workforce, which is having a direct impact on the levels of productivity.

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