Get ahead of the game – make a great first impression

When you’re unemployed, waiting for the right job opportunity to come along can leave you feeling helpless and deflated. It’s easy to feel fearful and embarrassed about your unemployed status, but it is so important to keep pushing yourself forward. Why not take control of the situation and increase your chances of being in the right place at the right time when that ideal job opportunity comes along?

By taking a few easy steps, you could gain confidence, make great new contacts and maybe even secure that fantastic career opportunity you’ve been looking for! Big things can happen when you step outside your comfort zone, so why not give it a try?

Make that phone call

The thought of picking up the phone and speaking to someone not known to us can be a terrifying prospect. Why not start by doing some research and making a short list of employers you think you would like to work with. Making a polite phone call to the company and explaining why you are interested in working there is a great way to make initial contact. Remember that first impressions count, so make sure you are polite, friendly, enthusiastic and professional.

Send an introductory email or letter

Most organisations will have contact details on their website so consider dropping them a speculative email or letter telling them how interested you are in working for their company and asking who you could send your CV to in order to be considered for any suitable opportunities. Even if there are no current vacancies, you never know what opportunities might come up in the future and taking action now could mean your CV is at the top of the pile when the perfect job opens up.

Make face to face contact

Being unemployed can leave you with plenty of spare time on your hands, so why not take the opportunity to print off some CVs and pop in to a few local businesses? Introduce yourself and let them know that you are interested in any potential opportunities and that you are keen to find out more about working there. Don’t worry if people are too busy to talk to you on this particular occasion, just respond in a friendly and appropriate manner and you’ll leave them with a great impression. The way you come across, even at this stage, could make all the difference!

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