Saffron came to Better Jobs, Better Futures for support in finding a catering apprenticeship after finishing her GCSE’s. Saffron was also keen to secure part time employment to further develop her skills and confidence, gain some valuable experience and support herself more independently.

From her initial meeting with Career Coach, Rhian, and Recruitment Consultant, Julie, Saffron showed an impressive commitment to achieving her goals. Saffron was focussed on her objective to secure a catering apprenticeship but was open-minded and also keen to explore different career options.

“Julie encouraged me to start thinking about different opportunities that could suit my skills, knowledge and experience. I felt inspired and motivated for the first time in a long time.”

Rhian and Julie talked to Saffron about the range of potential opportunities that could be open to her. Saffron was surprised when they mentioned the possibility of an apprenticeship within the RAF as she hadn’t considered this option before and was keen to find out more. Together with Julie, Saffron met with an RAF Careers Adviser and was inspired by the prospect of undertaking the catering apprenticeship she’d set her heart on whilst also travelling the world, trying something new and becoming completely self-sufficient.  Saffron started preparing for the RAF aptitude test and turned her focus to securing immediate part time employment to give her the vital work experience she needs to be successful in her apprenticeship application, as well as enabling her to support herself more effectively in the interim.

Julie focused on finding the right opportunity for Saffron, and together they started preparing to apply for a part time vacancy with a local motorcycle dealership within their diner. Saffron was really interested in the position and spent time working on her CV and application, making sure she emphasised her relevant skills and experience.

Saffron quickly secured an interview with the motorcycle dealership and was offered a work trial for the following day. She instantly impressed the employer with her work ethic and enthusiasm and was offered the position the very next day.

Saffron is settling in extremely well in her role; she is thoroughly enjoying her new responsibilities and relishing the sense of freedom and independence that the job has given her.  With the support of the Better Jobs, Better Futures team Saffron now feels more confident, happy and, importantly, more secure in her ability to support herself financially. This stability was a crucial first step in providing her with the confidence and experience to progress her long-term goal of becoming an RAF apprentice, and the team are now working with her on the next stage of that journey.

“I am so grateful to Julie and the rest of the BJBF team for the advice and support they have given me. New opportunities have opened up for me as a result of engaging with the project and I now have a much more positive outlook for my future. I am excited for what lies ahead and I would definitely recommend BJBF to anyone who needs career advice and support.”