Say hello to the wonderful Theo.

Theo had been working at a local fashion retailer since leaving school, whilst trying for over a year to gain an apprenticeship. With limited experience in childcare, Theo was struggling to find a suitable opportunity to kick start his career journey.

Theo came to Better Jobs, Better Futures in January 2019. The BJBF team supported Theo to improve his CV, tailoring it specifically to the childcare sector. Theo also produced a cover letter and sent this out to a targeted list of nurseries in the area. Theo was finding it difficult to make progress as many employers seemed deterred by his age, gender and lack of experience.

“When we first met Theo he was quiet and shy but very determined to work within childcare. He helped out at play time in school and always enjoyed looking after the younger children. It was clear very early on that Theo had all the necessary attributes and qualities to succeed, it was just a case of getting him the right opportunity to suit his skills” – Lynsey, Career Coach

The team intervened by arranging a work trial for Theo at Abacus Day Nursery, essential for him to boost his skills, experience and employability potential.

Theo made an excellent impression on the staff, parents and children, and Abacus were so impressed that within just three weeks they offered him an apprenticeship.

“Theo is very caring, a genuinely good person and the children all loved him straight away. He is doing so well and it is nice to be able to offer positions to diversify our workforce” – Beth, Owner

Theo is absolutely flourishing in his new role and we are all so proud of his commitment and passion to pursuing his dream of working with young children. Theo is the perfect role model for young people and his story highlights the need and importance of improving the underrepresentation of males working in the childcare sector.

“It has been so fun getting to know all of the children and working with them, making sure they are safe and having fun. I have only been here a short time, but I am never tired, I love my job and it makes me happy” – Theo