Robert was a student at Gower College Swansea studying Level 3 Motor Mechanics before coming to Better Jobs, Better Futures. Robert had not had long term paid employment before and was hoping to get support in finding the right opportunity.

Robert started working with Career Coach Dave to build his confidence, specifically in communicating with different types of people in different circumstances. Robert had struggled with the practical employer based elements of his course and he wanted to improve this in order to enhance his prospects of sustainable future employment.

Together, Robert and Dave began job searching, exploring the wide range of opportunities available. Robert concentrated on developing his CV and emphasising his valuable skills and experience that he had gained during his time studying in College.

“Robert was really proactive and receptive to the support offered by the programme. He was always keen to learn as much as possible to improve his skills, knowledge and future prospects and it was a pleasure to work with him” – Dave

Robert was focussed on achieving his ultimate goal of pursuing an apprenticeship in Motor Mechanics, but he was very keen to secure immediate employment to financially support himself and to further broaden his experience. Robert’s hard work paid off and he quickly made progress by successfully securing a part time contract with a large local supermarket. Whilst undertaking his retail role, Robert continued to attend application workshops and showed total commitment to his self-improvement.

“I was happy with my new job but I knew that I needed to keep thinking about my ultimate goal of getting an apprenticeship. Dave gave me the motivation to keep going and he made me really believe I could get there in the end, no matter how long it took” – Robert

Robert continued to work closely with Dave on apprenticeship applications and it was only a matter of time before he began to secure interviews with a range of interested employers. In order to effectively prepare, Robert attended two mock interview sessions with Dave to build his confidence and improve his ability to give calm and considered responses in high pressure interview situations.

“The mock interviews really reassured me and help me feel ready for the new challenge. Dave was great in keeping me calm and I felt the most confident I had in a long time” – Robert

Robert quickly became proficient in perfecting his interview techniques, and his progress was reflected in a fantastic offer of a Level 3 apprenticeship with Civil Motor Mechanics. Robert is undoubtedly a role model to other young people looking to get started on their career journey. Showing persistence, an exemplary positive attitude and true willpower, Robert’s success is hard-earned and hugely deserved.

“I am extremely grateful for the support from everyone at BJBF. I have loved working with Dave and I feel like a different person after having his help. I believe in my potential and what I can achieve, and the future now seems like an exciting rather than scary place” – Robert