Evan was a student at Gower College Swansea studying a Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies when he came to Better Jobs, Better Futures for support.  Working part-time as a front of house team member at a local pub, Evan was keen to improve his employability skills in order to help him achieve his ultimate goal of securing an apprenticeship.

“I came to Better Jobs, Better Futures because I wanted help specifically with my interview techniques. I had struggled to find support so I was relieved when the BJBF team said they could help me. I felt more positive than I had done for a long time” – Evan

Evan worked with Career Coaches Emma and David to start building his confidence, particularly his ability to stay calm and think rationally in high pressured interview situations. Together, they worked through competency based questions and carried out regular mock interviews, helping Evan get into the routine of interview scenarios and preparing and rehearsing his responses to a range of questions. Despite initially being nervous and apprehensive, Evan quickly made progress and worked hard to improve his skills.

“Evan was great after just a few meetings; he was relaxed and completely receptive to learning coping mechanisms to enable him to perform a successful interview. It was wonderful to see Evan starting to believe in himself and his ability to talk positively about his skills and experience” – Emma

Evan’s willingness to learn and consistent hard work was quickly recognised when he was offered two apprenticeship opportunities!  Evan did incredibly well to receive both offers, and decided that the Manufacturing Apprenticeship with Tata Steel was the role he wanted to pursue. Securing this opportunity was a huge achievement which will enable Evan to take the first steps on his chosen career path. Evan has undergone a remarkable transformation since coming to Better Jobs, Better Futures and his success is testament to the fact that with a genuine desire for self-improvement, you can achieve your goals and set yourself on an exciting career journey full of opportunities.

“I am so grateful for the support provided by the BJBF programme. I have had so much help from Emma and David and I now feel like such a different person. I am so ready for this new opportunity and I can’t wait for the future”-Evan