Tracey Campbell had been unemployed for six months when she accessed the support available at Better Jobs, Better Futures. During this period, she suffered from a lack of confidence and struggled to see herself returning to her career in the care sector.

Tracey began working with Career Coach Bev in order to find a new direction; they worked together to update and improve her CV, initially with a view to changing sectors completely. However, it was during this process that Tracey realised that care work was her true passion and, if she was able to find the right employer, she would love to return to a similar role in the sector. Bev and Tracey focussed on mapping out a new individual pathway to employment that incorporated all of Tracey’s prior skills, knowledge and experiences. Bev was determined to emphasise all that Tracey had to offer.

“Being faced with the prospect of an entirely new job in a completely unfamiliar area can be a daunting prospect, particularly at a time when your confidence might be low. I was really keen to support Tracey and ensure we found absolutely the right role that suited her skills and needs” – Bev

With Bev’s support, Tracey completed an application for a care home in Llanelli who were looking for full time care assistants. Tracey’s prior experience made her an ideal candidate and she was quickly invited for interview.

“It was so great to have the support of the whole team at Better Jobs, Better Futures. Everyone has been really helpful to me in every way possible. I felt so much more confident in my applications and I started to believe in myself and my abilities” – Tracey

Tracey immediately impressed the employer; her genuine passion for the role and her warm and friendly manner, combined with her extensive experience, meant that she was exactly the type of candidate that they were looking for. Tracey’s hard work was rewarded and she was quickly offered and the full time role.

I have now got a fantastic job that I love and I can’t thank everyone enough! This has been an amazing experience for me and I am so grateful to everyone at BJBF” – Tracey

Following her success in finding employment, Bev continued to support Tracey in obtaining her DBS certificate to enable her to carry out her new role. Through one-to-one support and mentoring, Tracey has overcome a number of barriers in order to find her way back into work. Tracey has proven that with commitment to your goals and dedication to your passions, the perfect outcome can undoubtedly be achieved.

“When someone finds the perfect job for them, you see their sparkle return, and I have definitely seen that in Tracey. I am so glad that I was able to be part of the process and I look forward to hearing all about her future progress.” – Bev