Sean came to Better Jobs, Better Futures having been unemployed for 8 months after his previous contract working in the construction sector came to an end. During this period Sean suffered some health problems which meant that he was no longer able to carry out the manual work he had always known and loved. By the time he came to Better Jobs, Better Futures, Sean had been out of work for longer than he had hoped and was at a very challenging point in his life, suffering from low confidence, poor self-esteem and feeling quite desperate about his family’s future.

“I was at the lowest point in my life when I met Bev. That first meeting was definitely the turning point for me.” – Sean

Sean knew wholeheartedly that he wanted to remain in the construction sector and was hoping to secure a similar type of role, as far as physically possible. With a background in Health and Safety, Sean was also open to exploring new options and possibly pursuing a career in this area; however his lack of formal H&S qualifications were an initial barrier. Career Coach Bev suggested a NEBOSH course and Sean jumped at the opportunity. He quickly made fantastic progress, completing the training and successfully gaining his qualification.

Sean’s next immediate goal was to secure permanent employment. Working closely with Bev, Sean worked on updating and improving his CV and also spent time learning how to write successful applications which demonstrated his wealth of skills and experience.

“Sean had a fantastically positive attitude and was always focused on his goals. He has become far more confident and assertive and I am so pleased to have helped him make meaningful progress in his career, which I know is going to transform his life.” – Bev

Sean showed great persistence in his time working with Bev and quickly made significant progress. As a result of the support, access to training and newfound employability skills he acquired, Sean successfully secured a full time position as a Monitoring and Dig Manager for a company specialising in the removal of Japanese Knotweed. This is a fantastic achievement for Sean and his success is a reflection on his determination to succeed, despite the setbacks and challenges he has faced.

“I would not be in the position I am now if it hadn’t been for Bev and the Better Jobs, Better Futures team. Bev always motivated me to carry on when I felt like I couldn’t face another application form. After speaking to her I always felt more positive. Better Jobs, Better Futures has supported me to not only gain a much needed qualification but helped to build my confidence again. I now feel as if I can look forward to the future and above all provide for my family again. I could not have done this without Bev. Thank you.” – Sean