Danuta came to Better Jobs, Better Futures after being unemployed for two years. Having spent the last few years raising her children, and with her youngest daughter about to go to school full time, Danuta decided that now was the perfect time to reintegrate herself into the world of work.

Originally from Poland, Danuta had previously carried out some warehouse work but felt strongly about securing a more people-focussed and supportive role where she could fully utilise her skills. Struggling to find the right opportunity, Danuta started working with Career Coach Bev, discussing her options and beginning to shape her individual pathway to employment.

As well as looking for employment, Danuta was working hard to improve her English language skills by undertaking her ESOL level 1 qualification. Danuta was determined to keep pushing herself forward and she always showed total commitment to her self-improvement. Bev and Danuta worked together on improving her CV, making it as professional as possible, as well as enhancing her ability to job search effectively. Danuta was always highly receptive to the support she received:

“I loved coming to Better Jobs, Better Futures and I was always welcomed, supported and encouraged to achieve my goal of finding a job” – Danuta

Danuta was always open to suggestions when it came to job searching, but Bev was keen to find a role that utilised Danuta’s brilliant people skills and her friendly and enthusiastic personality. Bev and Danuta discussed the idea of pursuing a career in care, as Danuta had all the required skills and so much more to offer in such a role:

“Danuta has a fantastic personality and I knew she would be brilliant in a care assistant role. She is friendly, warm and has a great sense of humour. I knew it wouldn’t take long to find the perfect role that matched her skills and gave her the fresh start in the world of work she was looking for”Bev

Career Coach Angela recommended to Bev and Danuta a new opportunity with a local care home that seemed to fulfil the requirements of what they were looking for. With the guidance and support of Bev and Angela, Danuta worked on her an application, and her efforts were quickly rewarded as she was offered an interview and then a work trial. Danuta impressed the employer at both stages of the process and was offered a part time position the following day.

“I am delighted to have this new job and I am so excited to be working again. I am so happy that everyone was so nice to me. Thank you all for everything you have done” – Danuta

“Danuta has done brilliantly well to secure this opportunity and we are all so proud of her. It is great that she is getting her independence back and is now on a new and exciting career journey that will dramatically improve both her and her family’s life. Congratulations Danuta!” – Angela