Alvin came to Better Jobs, Better Futures having been unemployed for 3 months and keen to explore new opportunities. On his first visit to Better Jobs, Better Futures, Alvin met Career Coach, Matthew and showed an immediate willingness to learn and great enthusiasm to improve his skills and future employment prospects. Working together, Matthew and Alvin created a comprehensive action plan setting out Alvin’s individual pathway to employment and identifying the potential opportunities available to him. They decided to concentrate specifically on improving Alvin’s CV writing and perfecting his interview techniques and, like everything he did whilst working with the team at Better Jobs, Better Futures, he approached the task with total commitment, immense positivity and an unstinted desire for self-improvement. Taking a practical approach to his self-development, Alvin took the initiative and spent much of his time working independently to improve his ability to write effective and successful applications. Alvin also participated in mock interviews with different members of the Better Jobs, Better Futures team in order to build his confidence and improve his ability to think clearly and cope well in high pressure and demanding situations.

“Alvin has been a fantastic client to work with and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him. Alvin has a contagious enthusiasm and zest for life and I had no doubt that with our support he would quickly find the right opportunity” – Matthew, Career Coach

Despite being initially unsuccessful at interview, Alvin showed great patience and persistence and successfully secured a full time Warehouse Operative role. Alvin is a true example of the amazing things that can be achieved through focus, dedication and effective support. As a result of this determination and commitment, alongside the new skills he acquired during his time at Better Jobs, Better Futures, Alvin has transformed his future prospects and is now continuing to work closely with the Better Jobs, Better Futures team to achieve his ultimate career goal of securing a position in electrical manufacturing.

“I am so glad to be earning again. You have all helped me a lot. I always enjoy coming in to see the team because you all made me feel so welcome. Thank you” – Alvin