Trainee General Production Assistant

£4.81 – £9.50 per hour
Full Time

The successful candidate will become competent to undertake duties across all aspects within production

You will receive comprehensive training to become fully competent to undertake the following duties within your role as a Trainee General Production Assistant that will encompass tasks that will involve, Carpentry; Welding and Mechanical jobs when refitting coaches so that they become compliant school buses.

• Belting up
• Foaming
• Fitting covers
• Packing up Seats
• Helping load and unload
• Completion and/ or initialling of production tracking paperwork.
• Advising Shop Floor Supervisor when stocks of components are low
• Maintain machines and ensure work area kept clean.
• Any other duties that will ensure the smooth and efficient running of the production areas.

For more information or to apply for this role please contact us on 01792 284450 or email