Head of Education – Academy

£35,000 – £40,000
Full Time

We are seeking a Head of Education to join the team. Duties will encompass ensuring that the Academy’s education provision reflects the strategy and performance targets set in the Academy Performance Plan.  Successful candidates will provide education progress reports for all Academy players and communicate/engage with parents and guardians where appropriate, ensure the education programme and all associated documentation meets EPPP requirements and Academy players receive performance reviews relevant to each phase and at a time stipulated by EPPP development rules.  

Other duties of the role include managing and safely storing all education data related to players academic progress in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018; attend any training or CPD delivered by FA/PL/EFL/LFE to support Academy players; with the Player Care team, plan and facilitate the delivery of enrichment activities on and off-site to support the holistic development of the Academy players; develop and maintain links with all Academy players schools and parents to ensure there is transparency in the aims and objectives of our programme.  

You will also be required to support the Player Care team with additional learning, UCAS applications, scholarships for both players progressing within the club and those not offered contracts; maintain and develop links with education departments of the national bodies and liaise when players attend national camps and fixtures; demonstrate consistently high standards of behaviour and to operate within the parameters of the laws of the game, the rules of the Football Association, the Premier League and the EFL; Engage in continuous professional development; and liaise with the Academy DSO and Player Care team regarding any player or staff well-being matters.  

For more information or to apply for this role please contact us on 01792 284450 or email info@betterjobsbetterfutures.wales